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Air India takes delivery of its last Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner

Posted : 13 October 2017 04:47:55 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Air India takes delivery of its last Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner

As per the PTI report, Air India has taken the delivery of its last Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which will be inducted in its fleet tomorrow. The new plane was delivered to Air India in the presence of its Chairman and Managing Director Rajiv Bansal at the Seattle facility of the US aircraft maker Boeing Co, an airline source said. Air India currently has 26 Boeing 787- 800 planes in its fleet. 

The national carrier had in January 2006 ordered as many as 68 Boeing aircraft, including 27 Boeing 787-800s. “The 27th and the last Boeing Dreamliner plane will be arriving at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi tomorrow. With the induction of this plane, Air India will complete the acquisition of 27 such planes that it had ordered in 2006,” the source said. Most of these planes are on ‘sale and lease back’ mode. Under the SLB arrangement, the seller of an asset leases it back from the purchaser for a long- term period and continues to use it without actually owning it.

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