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Amarnath Yatra 2020 cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic

Posted : 22 July 2020 05:38:47 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Amarnath Yatra 2020 cancelled due to COVID 19  pandemic

ShriAmarnathji Shrine Board headed by Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant Governor GirishChandra Murmu has decided to cancel this year's Amarnath Yatra in view ofcoronavirus situation.

Thevirtual meeting was chaired by LG, who is also the Chairman of Shri AmarnathjiShrine Board (SASB). He presided over 39th Board meeting of the Shri AmarnathjiShrine Board in which the Board suggested that it would not be advisable toconduct Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2020 and it would be advisable to cancel it thisyear in larger public interest. This would enable the Health, Civil and PoliceAdministrations to focus on the immediate challenges facing them rather thandiverting resources, manpower and attention to the conduct of the ShriAmarnathji Yatra.
Based upon the circumstances, the Board decided that it isnot advisable to hold and conduct this year’s Shri Amarnathji Yatra andexpressed its regret to announce the cancellation of Yatra 2020. The Board saidthat it is aware of and respects the sentiments of millions of devotees and tokeep the religious sentiments alive, the Board shall continue the LiveTelecast/ Virtual Darshan of the morning and evening Aarti. 
It also said that the traditional rituals shall be carriedout as per the past practice and the Chhadi Mubarak shall be facilitated by theGovernment.

Meanwhile, the Chhari Mubarak of Swami Amarnath was taken toSharika-Bhawani temple at Hari Parvat in Srinagar today to pay obeisance to thegoddess Sharika by Mahant Dipendra Giri. Prayers were offered for earlyend of prevailing coronavirus pandemic. Prayers were also offered before thegoddess for bestowing peace and prosperity in Jammu & Kashmir.

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