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Eat Your Way Around The World - Hotels.Com Reveals The Best Foodie Destinations

Posted : 03 July 2018 05:04:38 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Eat Your Way Around The World - Hotels.Com Reveals The Best Foodie Destinations

Italy (27%), Singapore (26%) and United States (26%) have topped a list of the hottest spots on earth for foodie millennials in India, according to the™ Tasty Travels* report. Paying tribute to these delicious destinations, has collaborated with food artist Carl Warner to bring foodies’ favourite hangouts to life, using the city’s famous food ingredients - Parisian buildings made of cheese, the Pantheon made of pasta and Mount Fuji made of seaweed, every city looks good enough to eat. Two thirds of Indian millennials (67%) admitted a destination’s cuisine is the biggest deciding factor when picking where to holiday, with the nightlife scene (13%), adventure activities (17%) and art and culture (24%) being less appetizing. The younger generation are now even more focused on munching delicious local delicacies on holiday (59%) than going to the beach or being by the pool (19%) and exploring the outdoors (33%).


Please find below the top high-lights of the release:


  • Top of the Chops: Italy, Singapore and United States top the definitive list of foodie destinations for Indian millennials – according to new Tasty Travels research from


  • Taste over tourist spots: Two thirds (67%) of Indian millennial travelers choose their holiday destination based on what they’ll eat – not what they’ll see or do


  • Munching down memory lane: The majority of young travelers (69%) across the country say foodie experiences on holiday are the most memorable


  • Views good enough to eat: has collaborated with renowned food artist, Carl Warner, to create mouthwatering masterpieces of top foodie destinations

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