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Authentic Indian flavours in Monaco

Posted : 04 October 2017 05:38:48 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Authentic Indian flavours in Monaco

Are you a food lover? Are you eating Indian cuisine when you travel? Then, "Maya Jah" is the right place to dine-in, when you are hungry in Monaco. Newly opened in September, 2017, this new Indian restaurant in the Principality is all set to charm you with its mouth-watering flavours and admirable ambience.


Maya Jah proposes a kitchen with exotic flavors, orchestrated by the authentic Indian Master Chef, Ravinder Negi, who sumptuously curates traditional recipes with the "desire to create and astonish the guests". Originally from the north of India, Negi acquired his culinary experience at the IDDC Institution in New Delhi, one of the best in Asia. As a Chef, he has also worked closely with the well-known Oberoi GroupAt Maya Jah, his talented hands offer a selection of timeless recipes from different regions of India and a discovery of flavors thanks to the secrets of herbs and spices used in Indian cuisine. Tandoori, perfectly marinated kebabs, traditional curries and sweet Indian breads will bring back the nostalgia of food back home. In addition, for the ones who have versatile taste buds, Maya Jah offers a delicious blend of Moroccan specialities too! You can also expect to engage and sink into a pleasant evening at the Bar-Room with exotic cocktails, before or after your dinner, in relaxed spaces and soothing musical beats, played live by a DJ.


The elegant and cosy settings of Maya Jah restaurant, offers an escape that beautifully combines modernity and timeless atmosphere. The inseparable duo of interior architects Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, have decorated the majestic place with soft lighting and; neat and contemporary furnishings. Furthermore, the covered terrace with vegetation appraises Maya Jah, as one-of-its-kind in the French Riviera.


Maya Jah welcomes you to experience the delicious oriental blend of refined decoration 
and a new taste experience in Monaco!

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm, and in the evening from 7:30pm

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