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Cleanliness and Maintenance of Passenger Rail Coaches

Posted : 13 February 2018 04:57:22 | By TWO Bureau | TWO Bureau

Cleanliness and Maintenance of Passenger Rail Coaches

Every endeavour is made to keep the coaches in properly maintained and clean condition.  All efforts are made by the Railways to address the complaints.


Some of the major initiatives taken by Indian Railways towards improvement of cleanliness and maintenance of coaches are as follows :

  1. Cleaning of coaches of trains at both ends including mechanized cleaning.
  2. On Board Housekeeping Service (OBHS) has been provided in more than 970 pairs of trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi and other important long distance Mail/Express trains for cleaning of coach toilets, doorways, aisles and passenger compartments during the run of the trains.
  3. ‘Clean My Coach’ service is provided on demand in nearly 950 pairs of important Superfast/Mail/Express long distance trains having On Board Housekeeping Service.
  4. Clean Train Station (CTS) scheme has also been prescribed for limited mechanized cleaning attention to identified trains including cleaning of toilets during their scheduled stoppages enroute at nominated stations. 
  5. Regular maintenance and upkeep of all passenger coaches is carried out during laid down maintenance schedules at the Coaching depots and workshops to ensure that they remain in good condition.

Some special measures like running of model rake trains (like Mahamana Express), upgradation of identified Rajdhani / Shatabdi trains to Swarn Standard, running of Humsafar, Tejas, Antyodaya trains etc. have also been taken to improve travelling experience. 

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