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Cordelia's luxury liner with 1,200 travellers docks at Kochi

Posted : 23 September 2021 07:33:02 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Cordelia's  luxury liner with 1,200 travellers docks at Kochi

The luxury liner M V Empress from Mumbai called at Kochi, marking a promising start to the revival of post-pandemic domestic tourism in Kerala. The newly-built cruise terminal in Cochin Port today received the first batch of tourists from The Lakshadweep-bound luxury cruise carrying 1200 travellers had a stop-over at the beach city with 300 travellers de-boarding the ship for day-long onshore sightseeing.

The snow-white vessel, owned by Cordelia Cruises, became the first luxury cruise to anchor at the state-of-the-art terminal after the devastating Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world. 

The Cochin Port wore a festive look, as Velakali performers holding sword and shield swayed with graceful vigour in two rows, showcasing the richness of the medieval cultural form.

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