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Kerala Govt sets up Revolving Fund to support tourism sector workers

Posted : 11 October 2021 04:04:24 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Kerala Govt sets up Revolving Fund to support tourism sector workers

KeralaGovernment has set up a Revolving Fund to provide interest-free loans up to Rs10,000 to those employed in a wide range of activities in tourism sectorwithout any collateral security, as part of schemes to revive the pandemic-hitindustry that provides jobs to thousands across the state.

As per theGovernment Order issued in this regard, the Revolving Fund has an initialcorpus of Rs 10 crore, Tourism Minister Shri P A Mohamed Riyas said. “This fundcomes when the tourism sector is poised for the post-pandemic surge. All thosewho are working in this vital sector can avail the benefit of this scheme torevive their activities”, the Minister said.

Those who areemployed in any tourism related activities with membership in any of theregistered tourism sector organizations will be eligible for the loan under thescheme. Those engaged in units registered under the Responsible Tourism (RT)mission are also entitled to apply for the loan.

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