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TCEB’s signature event to go global in 2020

Posted : 10 July 2019 12:45:59 | By TWO Bureau | GNN bureau

TCEB’s signature event to go global in 2020

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau, responsible for promoting tourism into Thailand called TCEB after holding the country and region-specific programme known as Thailand Incentive & Meeting Exchange (TIME), an annual educational and networking event will be holding its first global edition of TIME next year.  They are hoping to invite almost double numbers of corporate buyers and intermediaries for the event next year.

 Nooch Homossukhon, Director, Meetings and Incentives Department said that the spirit of the campaign is to co-create, collaborate, partner and work closely with thought leaders. She said that TCEB had co-created collaborative campaigns with Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways.  Trade associations like Thailand Incentive & Convention Association (TICA) and SITE are key partners of TCEB.  Similarly, luxury brands like Conrad, BMW have joined hands in recent TIME events, she added.

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