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We want to develop Maharashtra as a quality tourism state - Aditya Thackeray

Posted : 20 May 2020 09:18:36 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

We want to develop Maharashtra as a quality tourism state - Aditya Thackeray

During a webinar organised by Gurubaxish Singh - VicePresident FHRAI & President HRAWI, and moderated by Jimmy Mistry - CMDDella Adventure &  Resorts. Industryveterans  - Vivek Nair, ParamKarnnampally, Dilip Datawani, Sanjay Seth, Pradeep Sethi, S.P. Jain, AtulBhalla and Sudesh Kadam have also participated in this webinar.

Gurubaxish Singh shared some critical issues faced by thehotel and restaurant industry, he said, “our industry is virtually abandoned  by centre now we are looking towards state support, we need liquidity, working capital after that how to come out ofthis lockdown and third is how do we thrive.

 Mr. Nair raised theissue of License fees and ask young Minister to deffer payment for 8 months. Healso requested the minister to roll back excise fees hike.  Pradeep Shetty – VP HRAWI, said, we havealready lost 55 days, we have paid advance licence fees, please reduce the feeson pro-rate based for closed days. He also requested the minister to allow takeaway of liquors from restaurants as special case.

Sanjay sethi said, in Maharashtra we got the status ofIndustry but we are not getting any benefit of Industry. Please reduceelectricity and property tax as electricity cost is the IInd highest in thecountry.

Mumbai and Poona  havemaximum business traveler, we must promote business tourism , he suggested.

S.P. Jain requested minister to remove the capping of 1MWfor solar energy. He also asked government to give ESI contribution toemployees.

Dilip Datwani, requested the minister to allow using outsidespace in front and side of restaurants. He further requested to allow sittingin open space during this crucial period as we need to maintain socialdistancing .

Param Kannampilly said, the need of the hour is to promotedomestic tourism, we are on 6th number in domestic tourism. AtulBhalla said, we will win this battle and come out to a new normal soon. Now ,we have to work and see how much out of 22 million outbound travelers we canretain.

Whileinterfacing with the Minister, Jimmy Mistry, CMD & Principal Designer,Della Group, shared some critical issues faced by the hotel and restaurantindustry. “We were not able to pay salaries, there are reports that some hotelsand restaurants are laying off 30-50 per cent of their staff, which is adifficult situation to deal with for people like us who are close to our teams.When we go to bankers for a restructure, we are not sure about certain aspectslike electricity charges for instance. We don’t know what lies ahead during thenext six months. Bankers want us to mention the monthly burn envisaged and wedon’t have any details. If we can sustain the darkest era, we can survive thenext 6 months and for that, we need maximum leverage; with you as our leader,we are quite hopeful,” he said.


AdityaThackeray advised the preparation of two documents; one for the industry’ssustenance plus revival and one for driving its growth afterthat. “This issomething we have to do together, make a massive effort to get the industryback on track. Our hotel sector is one of the best in the world, there is nocomparison on warmth and service. We want to develop Maharashtra as a tourismpositive state. We can get people across the world to come to us and stay inour hotels. We need travellers who will spend at least 36 hours in the citythey visit,” he opined.


TheMaharashtra state government’s efforts were lauded with an appreciation for theway it is fighting the battle against COVID-19 with transparency.

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