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PATA shares the secrets of storytelling with Nepal travel industry professionals

Posted : 17 August 2018 01:28:31 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

PATA shares the secrets of storytelling with Nepal travel industry professionals

Travel industry professionals in Nepal are now better placed to effectively promote this idyllic destination, thanks to the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the generous support of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).


The PATA Human Capacity Building Programme, jointly organised by PATA and NTB, was held from August 13-14 at Hotel Himalaya in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event, with theme ‘Exploring the Art of Storytelling’, attracted 65 participants. Representing PATA were CEO Dr. Mario Hardy and Director - Human Capital Development Mrs. Parita Niemwongse.


The workshop provided participants with an intensive and interactive training programme that incorporated a series of classroom sessions conducted by leading travel industry experts coupled with practical activities, group assignments, and networking opportunities. The programme content was based upon successful PATAcademy-HCD and PATA Human Capacity Building Programmes.


“Storytelling is also one of the most universal ways of communication, bringing life to data and facts. With new avenues and methods available to share our stories, whether through text, images or video, we must learn how to best personalise our stories to match the correct medium.” said PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to stage the PATA Human Capacity Building Programme in Kathmandu on the popular theme of ‘Exploring the Art of Storytelling’. The programme teaches participants how to increase their share of the market, by creating and refining stories which can influence, inspire, educate and, most importantly, emotionally connect with a global audience and perfectly with Nepal where there are so many fantastic stories to be told."


In his opening remarks to the participants Mr Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board, said, “Experiences are best served and committed through stories, so we believe that stories are the most powerful tools for tourism businesses and our destination. We all are here to unleash the possibilities that we have in our tourism industry and to get the growth that this destination deserves Thank you PATA for organisng this PATA Human Capacity Building Programme in Nepal.”


Speakers at the two-day programme included Ms Choy Teh, Account Manager, Media Relations - Bannikin (Asia); Mr David Fiedler, Partner and Creative Director - Singular Foundry, Canada, and Mr Stu Lloyd, Chief Hothead - Hotheads Innovation, Hong Kong SAR. In addition, Dr Mario Hardy also presented on ‘Exponential Innovations for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs’.


When asked how participants benefitted from her session on ‘Storytelling in Travel and Tourism through Media and Influencers’, Ms. Teh noted that, “PR in the Nepal landscape within the travel industry is still at a beginner's stage, so I hope the information I imparted on the participants will prove beneficial for their travel brands. Nepal has so much potential to attract travellers beyond just the 'mountain' experience, and especially with Visit Nepal 2020 coming up, it's an opportune time to generate a lot of media and influencer interest for the country.'

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