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Jamaica Food and Drink Festival

Posted : 10 October 2017 05:01:33 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Jamaica Food and Drink Festival

Though the beautiful sunshine, turquoise sea and white sandbanks of the Caribbean, are already enough to win over a tourist’s heart and soul, but this time it’s the Jamaica Food & Drink Festival that is all set to woo the guests with the best.


Islanders are ready to host this gala urban festival, with delicious food, everlasting fun and incredible memories, in their best avatar at,‘Kingston - The Heartbeat Of Jamaica’. The typical line-up includes Pork Palooza, Chopstix, Vintage, Crisp and many more themed events, which are as unique as their names. Whether you are a spice lover or a dessert fanatic, this festival is bound to satisfy all your food cravings. Expect a crowd, sunk in traditional spirits, enjoying the perfectly paired exotic dishes with ice cold beers and many more interesting concoctions.


Store- in, is a gourmet feast by top 45 celebrated Chefs from all over the globe, including Lij Heron; Andre Fowles and other culinary mastered connoisseurs, who would enlighten senses with a melting pot of world famous Jamaican liquors and authentic jerked food, a local in Jamaica.


To conclude the never-ending Jamaican festivities “Brunch at the Gallery”, an event showcasing the artistic masterpieces of sumptuous dishes, well-curated by talented international chefs, would surely steal your heart!


There is enough to tempt your taste-buds in Jamaica! 
Get set to celebrate a whole lot of mouth- watering goodness waiting for you in Jamaican style.

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