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KDDI Brings Japanese Telecoms Technology and Know-how to Myanmar

Posted : 07 July 2018 04:24:07 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

KDDI Brings Japanese Telecoms Technology and Know-how to Myanmar

KDDI CORPORATION is implementing telecoms business operations in Myanmar, together with Sumitomo Corporation and Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). As smartphones come into widespread use in Myanmar, demand for social networking services (SNS), video sharing services and content use is increasing. MPT has been offering LTE+ high-speed data transmission services since May 2017, and began offering a reward program in May 2018 as part of ongoing service upgrades.


KDDI has been working to further improve the quality of telecommunications services and service development capacities in Myanmar by carrying out a long-term training program in Japan to improve the technological capabilities and skills of MPT personnel. On June 29, 2018, the program completed its first year of training, producing its first graduating class, the members of which will now return to Myanmar.


In addition to telecommunications service know-how such as network planning, design, construction, testing and operation, the program?s first graduating class will have learned how to devise and propose strategies in other service fields such as payments and content. After returning to Myanmar, they will be assigned by MPT to practical positions where they can put the lessons and experiences of this program to work, and set up new services while revising operational procedures.


MPT employees who pass into the training program have been carefully selected. After 200 applications are received from MPT candidates, a written test and interviews with directors are administered within MPT to select four candidates - two from business departments and two from technical departments - with corporate leadership potential. Based on MPT's needs and recommendations, KDDI will administer its own originally designed training program. The program is scheduled to accept four new trainees for a second course of study to begin this fall.


The program consists of Joint training: Academic studies including an overview of KDDI's business activities, business skills, Japanese language fundamentals; Business training: Practical training and applied study in detail, including visits to each of KDDI's business departments; and Technical training: Training in the complete cycle of planning, design, construction, testing and operation in line with a theme chosen by the trainee.


As a company that always strives to offer exciting new ideas, KDDI will continue to work together with Sumitomo and MPT to increase customer satisfaction in Myanmar by promoting the integration of telecommunications and life design. It is our way of contributing to the development of Myanmar's economy and industry, and improvement of the lives of the people of Myanmar by creating new experience value.

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