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The Pride And Glory Of Bali-yatra presented on 7th March 2018

Posted : 08 March 2018 01:27:36 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

The Pride And Glory Of Bali-yatra presented on 7th March 2018

Rediscovering India International Of Yore', an initiative of Resource Indica : Roots & Revelations, In collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, New Delhi, presented ' The Pride And Glory Of Bali-yatra' on 7th March 2018.
'Rediscovering India International Of Yore' is a never before initiative that is driven by the glorious maritime history of India; and one that is fuelled by Indian cultural influence across South-East Asia.
'Bali-yatra', meaning 'Voyage To Bali', is a popular festival, in Odisha, that commemorates a traditional farewell that used to be accorded to the brave sea-farers of yore on the eve of their annual voyage to Bali.
And 'The Pride & Glory Of Bali-yatra', the first of the 'Rediscovering India International Of Yore' series of multimedia projects on this traffic of commerce and culture, is dedicated to throw new light on the impact of Indian tradition and culture on the face of the land in Indonesia and in the minds and hearts of people in the far away island of Bali, Indonesia.
Previous editions, in Odisha and Kolkata, were presented in association with Odisha State Maritime Museum, ICCR ( Indian Council For Cultural Relations ), INTACH ( India National Trust For Cultural Heritage), Asiatic Society, Alliance Francaise and Indonesia Tourism.
Now, the project is being extended to cover heritage tours to ' Rediscover India International Of Yore' in South-East Asia.
The launch-event of the heritage tours, held at the Embassy of the republic of Indonesia, New Delhi, this evening, included the release of 'The Pride And Glory of Bali-yatra' Coffe-table Book and Documentary Film which were followed by a live performance by traditional Balinese dancers and  a 'flavours of Indonesia' dinner.
The coffe-table book and documentary film were put together by Sudip Sen, Director, Resource Indica : Roots & Revelations, after much research and many visits to South-East Asia to interact with people and shoot there; and the heritage tours is being organised by this company 'Resource Indica Pvt ltd' - in association with Indonesia Tourism and partner Destination Management Companies and tour operators.
And this launch event was organised in collaboration with the Embassy Of Indonesia, New Delhi - under the aegis of His Excellency, Mr Sidharto Suryodipuro, Ambassador of the republic of Indonesia.
" I am an Indonesian by birth and nationality and feel privileged to represent my country here in India - a country  we believe much of our heritage and culture came from", said H.E. Mr. Sidharto Suryodipuro, " and, naturally, I am happy to present this unique project that highlights Indian cultural influence in Indonesia - a name that literally means 'India Islands' - and will, naturally, interest Indians at large".
" 'Rediscovering India International Of Yore' is dedicated to rekindle the spirit of adventure and enterprise" , said Sudip Sen, Director, Resource Indica Pvt Ltd. " and the objective is to make Indians in colonial times, as East Indies, Indes Orientales, or simply, Greater India".
The Heritage Tours will, therefore, retrace the good old trade routes and offer great new travel experiences.
And what will really make a difference and set these tour packages apart are the exclusive itineraries and many additions for the curious traveler.
Welcome aboard on a modern-day 'Bali-yatra' to rediscover India international of Yore.
And see you in Indonesia and other destination in South-East Asia.
There is a lot more happening at 'Rediscovering India International Of Yore'

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