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Direct flights - A wish come true

Posted : 07 January 2019 05:05:48 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Direct flights - A wish come true

Without direct links from aviation gateways such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Rai relies almost entirely on Bangkok’s domestic airline market or bus tours from Chiang Mai. Hong Kong Express was the first airline to offer a direct flight between Hong Kong and Chiang Rai, which encouraged a steady flow of Chinese visitors looking for a quality travel experience. The focus should be on “quality tourism” unfortunately a phrase that is often used to justify higher prices without any service improvements. Thai AirAsia will need their support to make this bold move succeed.  Hotels and service providers should invest in sales trips to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to contact tour operators who could establish tour packages. OTAs too can cash in and offer combination of flights, hotels and car rentals for a Chiang Rai holiday.

Chiang Rai’s travel industry can now take a stab at quality tourism markets such as Singapore, but to be successful it must raise its game and develop quality tourism content that is far from evident now. Service levels, language skills, duty-of-care and value-for-money need to be revisited. Cloning yourself on the Chiang Mai business model would be a disaster for Chiang Rai. While Thai AirAsia is to be congratulated on this new bold development that will benefit Chiang Rai, the airline will need to be responsible and work with the local travel industry to raise the quality bar. It also needs to reach out and share its expertise with the province’s travel community.

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