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“A Home Unknown“: Lufthansa Travels Alongside German Star Actress Emilia Schüle

Posted : 25 July 2017 05:25:16 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

“A Home Unknown“: Lufthansa Travels Alongside German Star Actress Emilia Schüle

As of today, the #inspiredby Heimweh - A Home Unknown campaign again explores personal origins and identity. The newest episode is a visual journey trailing German star actress Emilia Schüle as she returns to her birthplace in Russia. The film will be broadcast across Lufthansa’s social media channels.


In “A Home Unknown”, Emilia Schüle travels to Blagoveshchensk, Russia – located in the far eastern stretches of the country on the border of China – to discover her heritage, culture and forgotten Russian traits. She visits shamans in remote villages, traverses stunning landscapes on the confluence of the Amur and Zeya Rivers, Lake Baikal and re-establishes her roots. Schüle makes this exotic expedition while riding along one of the world's most historic train routes, the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is a journey full of images, impressions and experiences that show just how much travel can affect personal development.


Schüle recalls her initial impetus of returning to her birthplace: “Dreaming of traveling to Russia, taking the train almost to the very end. I want to explore where I've come from to shed light on the blind spot of my past.” The episode cinematically captures the vibrancy of emotions and revelations through a mysterious and serene landscape through Russia and Siberia. A meal and conversation with teenager girls aboard the train; a card game with a group of wives; a shamanic ritual in Siberia; running with wild horses on the shores of Lake Baikal before lighting a campfire right beside the lake, A Home Unknown encapsulates the moments that transform our lives.


Benita Struve, Senior Director Marketing Communications Lufthansa, puts it into her own words: “In the new Heimweh episode, we have managed to portray a longing for home and the meaning of your geographic origins in an even more emotional manner. We show the harmony between people and destinations and the effect local customs and traditions have on us. Emilia Schüle asks exactly the right questions for our Heimweh format. Her own story pulls us all in, lets us see our own experiences, our own journey in a new light.“

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