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Global News Network, started in 1991 is the flagship company that is publishing 3 magazines under its publication network GNN Prakashan namely Indiaah, Outbound International and Last Sunday, running an online news agency besides Radio Maska under its sister concern GNN Show 9 Infotainment.

The magazines published by GNN prakashan are famous for their content and overall quality. The first one ‘Outbound International ‘is an overseas travel magazines containing articles on different destinations of the world with detailed fact file of them and other necessary information with updates for the outbound tourists of India. ‘Indiaah’, the other very popular magazine of this publication is concerned with domestic tourism of India to provide useful information, fast facts, current news and first person articles on various destinations of India. It is committed not only to help overseas and inbound travelers in planning their journeys to the Indian places of tourist interests but also to boost tour and travel prospect of our country. The readers of these magazines consist of embassies, foreign missions, state houses, prominent travel agents and a large chunk of tourists.

The other magazine ‘Last Sunday’ is the first magazine of GNN prakashan. This socio-political and business magazine is published in Hindi. Though circulated all over India, it is more popular in Hindi Heartland. It contains thought provoking articles, news and views on various matters apart from fabulous cover stories by famous writers on latest issues. This magazine is read by intellectuals, journalists, teachers, thinkers and students besides leaders and ardent followers of political parties.

In the same thought-provoking manner works our online news agency that gives latest news with wonderful views by prominent writers and intellectuals of various fields. This online news agency covers all angles of news and current affairs and never fails to get it all to you without delay.

GNN Show 9 Infotainment is another concern under the banner of Global News Network that is making quite a name in the field of internet entertainment. Radio Maska, the first live internet radio of India is its first venture. The Radio has been an immense success for it has become the foremost choice for the listeners of Indian music and songs worldwide. Its trained and efficient RJs are at your service 24 hours and always more than ready to play the song of your liking at your mail or telephonic request.

And now, GNN Show 9 Infotainment has brought another internet marvel for you. It is , the first internet radio of India on travel and tourism. The Radio provides you with information on latest trends, events, developments and happenings of the travel world with expert views and comments. It will serve as an online platform to debate, discuss and transmit your notions on the trade and also for looking partners to buy, sell and offer anything in regards with your trade and business.

With the launch of this new internet Radio, the listeners are facilitated to send their requests for answering any query on their mind in respect of travel and tourism world through their respective mails. They will not only be provided appropriate answers but also with expert opinion if asked for. To sum it all up, will serve as a medium to put forward your business interests and to keep you abreast with your favorite world of travel and tourism.

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