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Africa Grows Appeal for Experienced Chinese Travellers

Posted : 12 January 2019 12:19:26 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Africa Grows Appeal for Experienced Chinese Travellers

According to the China Tourism Academy (CTA), Africa welcomed 797,800 Chinese tourists in 2017. Some countries, like Morocco and Tunisia, have seen huge increases in recent years thanks to new visa policies, and interest in Africa is growing among Chinese travelers looking for new destinations to explore. Chinese online travel agency International reported a 70 percent year-on-year increase in purchases of Africa-related tour products in the first seven months of 2018. Released in November 2018, the Hurun Report’s “Luxury Chinese Traveler 2018 Report” revealed that Africa was the destination with the biggest increase in interest from high net worth (HNW) Chinese travelers, breaking into the top three most popular world regions for travel as it increased from 15 percent in 2017 to 29 percent in 2018.

The African countries with the largest Chinese arrival numbers in 2017 were Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Mauritius, and Zimbabwe. Following the success of Morocco and Tunisia in attracting Chinese visitors after they went visa-free in 2016 and 2017, respectively, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Angola and Benin all started offering visas-upon-arrival to Chinese nationals in 2018.


In addition to these demographic trends, Chinese who visit Africa are likely to be very experienced travelers who have already been to Asia and likely Europe and/or North America as well, and see Africa — like Latin America — as a “final frontier” destination. It’s also an appealing destination for affluent Chinese who treat travel as a social currency and who are eager to explore parts of the world that their friends and acquaintances have not yet been to. According to Chris Mears, Chief Executive at the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA), the rise of HNW travel is the biggest trend in Chinese tourism to Africa right now.

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