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Exploring The Best of Bariloche with Nirvana Travels

Posted : 10 October 2017 04:47:58 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Exploring The Best of Bariloche with Nirvana Travels

Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, one of the most gorgeous settings imaginable, yet quite unexplored; Bariloche is as magical a destination as you can get.


That’s why, seeing its immense potential for families, youngsters and honeymooners alike, Nirvana Travel has geared up to providefully-customised vacations to Bariloche. Right from white-water rafting to nature treks and hikes, gastronomic adventures to beautiful beaches and resorts, there’s something for everyone here. Trek across the soaring peaks of CerrosCatedral, López, Nireco and Shaihuenque, as you admire the picture-postcard views in nearly every direction, or ski down the slopes covered in powdery snow or roam the Amazin forests. Relax on the magnificent beaches as you admire the calm blue ocean or challenge yourself to some serious surfing, water-skiing or parasailing. If all this excitement isn’t enough, Bariloche is also Argentina’s chocolate capital and, therefore a wonderland for your little ones.


“With amazing weather and sights, Bariloche is an upcoming destination that’s really giving other destinations some stiff competition,”says VirenBatra, co-founder of Nirvana Travels.“Peaceful, cozy, exciting and adventurous all at the same time, it’s a great place for all ages and travelers of all sensibilities”

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