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Snowfall in Shimla causing problems for tourists.

Posted : 09 January 2017 04:58:40 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Snowfall in Shimla causing problems for tourists.

Winter holidays turned out to be a nightmare for some tourists in Shimla on the weekend as many could not get accommodation. They were denied food and water and were compelled to spend the night in cars along with their children.


"Those who could not get accommodation also failed to get food. I watched women asking for water and food," said a tourist, Ravinder Kumar from Punjab.


Tourists also failed to get hotel rooms in nearby towns like Shoghi, Kandaghat, Chail and Solan. Those who were lucky to get a shelter were virtually looted by the hoteliers.


"We were six people and could just manage a single room for which we were charged Rs 8000. This is a loot," said Ram, a tourist from Delhi.


Parts of Shimla remained without power, water and supply of essential items. Heavy snowfall has disrupted power supply as trees and power poles got uprooted.

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