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Switzerland focuses more to attract Indian tourists

Posted : 31 December 2016 02:58:52 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Switzerland focuses more to attract Indian tourists

One of the most popular destinations among the Indians for decades, Switzerland is now looking to tap travellers from India during winters. The destination recently unveiled a new Winter Campaign for 2016 and ‘Nature wants you back’ campaign for summer 2017. The winter campaign will focus on the action and adventure that one can explore in Switzerland.


This year, the destination has introduced a new product where a traveller can learn and experience skiing for a day. Indian travellers are one of the major targets for this new product. “We do have people coming in for adventure activities and skiing in winter. The profile of these travellers is high end and niche. People also come for Christmas holidays. With this new campaign and new product of one day skiing course, travellers can come and experience and get a lot of photo opportunities. The experience in winter is too different from summer. Everything one has experienced during summer changes during the winter months. So, we expect some of the repeat clientele to come and experience this,” said Claudio Zemp, Director – India, Switzerland Tourism  


Apart from the leisure segment, Switzerland also receives a lot of incentive travellers from India. According to the latest statistics, MICE contribute 19 per cent in the total arrivals from India to Switzerland. Zemp added, “MICE is doing extremely well from India, especially the incentive travel. We have a little bit of conferences also happening. MICE business from India to Switzerland accounts to almost 19 per cent of the total tourism.”



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