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Ahead Of Monsoons, FandB Outlets In The City Appeal To MCGM For Permitting Temporary Sheds

Posted : 24 May 2018 03:59:00 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Ahead Of Monsoons, FandB Outlets In The City Appeal To MCGM For Permitting Temporary Sheds

With the rains expected to arrive earlier than usual this year, to be prepared for the infamous Mumbai monsoons, F&B outlets in the city have applied to the Municipality Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) for permissions to build temporary sheds, as always. However many of the establishments are facing delays and difficulties and have not been able to obtain the same. The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI), on behalf of its members in a letter to the Municipal Commissioner has requested to instruct all the MCGM wards to grant such permissions to hotels and restaurants in the city. Stating that the sheds are essential for smooth operations for the next three to four months, the Association has assured the authorities of complete compliance and promised abiding by all relevant conditions as stipulated by the law.


“Mumbai rains are unpredictable and many a times the downpour causes major inconvenience to both our guests as well as to us in carrying out the daily activities. The temporary permissions for sheds during monsoons have been customarily granted by the MCGM every year during the monsoons. However this year many of our members have brought it to our attention that they are facing difficulties in obtaining the required permission. The sheds are essential for avoiding rainwater seepage in the properties and for conveniently carrying out the daily operations at hotels and restaurants,” says Mr Dilip Datwani, President, HRAWI.


The letter specifically points out to areas including front entrance, rear entrance, terraces, other approved services areas that need cover in the monsoons. It states that water storage overhead tanks, cooling towers and other services installed in these areas need maintenance especially during the rains.


“We fully understand if there is any apprehension of misuse of the temporary sheds. For this, the HRAWI on behalf of its members assures the MCGM its commitment to the law and agrees to follow the statutory guidelines,” adds Mr Datwani. We also humbly request the concerned authorities to look into the online process of licence renewals and applications which has not yet taken effect at ward levels. The process is either time consuming or not in order and is in negation to the Ease of Doing Business policy,” he concludes.

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