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HRAWI's reaction on establishments to stay open 24/7

Posted : 12 August 2017 03:07:50 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

HRAWI's reaction on establishments to stay open 24/7

“For the past many years, HRAWI has been leading advocacy with various departments of the Government to extend the closing hours of restaurants and revive the night life in Mumbai. We congratulate the Chief Minister and the Govt of Maharashtra for passing the bill. In this vibrant city of Mumbai, there is large section of residents that finish their work at 10 pm. By the time they get to unwind, most places are already closed. Because of this most establishments tend to get overcrowded on weekends. This move will allow people to step out for a cup of coffee, a dessert or even a post-midnight snack without having to think twice. Other than this, the decision will also encourage tourism related activities in the state and especially in Mumbai. However we request the Government to reconsider allowing bars and discos to remain open till 3am which have been left out of the ambit of the new 24/7 operations,”
says Mr Dilip Datwani, President, Hotel and Restaurant Association Of Western India (HRAWI).

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