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Masaba Gupta Adds An Airbnb Twist To Working From Home

Posted : 12 August 2020 04:15:44 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Masaba Gupta Adds An Airbnb Twist To Working From Home

While Working From Home has become the new normal, ‘Home’ doesn’t have to be the same place you have been cooped up in for the last few months. As the world changes, visuals of the corner office are  also changing to become a ‘favorite little corner’ of a warm comfortable home, whether it is your own, a villa on a beach or even a lodge in the Himalayas.

Taking inspiration from this, celebrated fashion designer Masaba Gupta, chose to pack up her bags and move to an Airbnb Villa in Goa. True to the philosophy of ‘Work From Any Home’, she is currently working on her upcoming line from a quaint Airbnb villa in Goa. With a private pool, beautiful gardens surrounding the home and ample natural light, it is the perfect home office away from home. The villa presents an ideal example of comfort, relaxation, and luxury where Masaba can soak up some sun, visit the beach, or relax by the poolside, all while she works from home on her new collection. 

Talking about and her stay at the Airbnb home in Goa, Masaba Gupta said, “Over the last few months, we have all had to adapt to the new normal and new way of living – both in our personal and professional lives. Personally, one of the most significant changes for me has been the way I work. As a designer, I find inspiration from nature, travel and the world around me. While I was able to work on designs for House of Masaba virtually over the last few months, I was truly craving a change in scene to add a fresh perspective to my designs and work. As things have begun to open up, I am excited to venture beyond the confines of my own home to spend some time in a home in Goa & it has been a refreshing change for my creative spirit. What these last few months have taught all of us is that you can literally be anywhere in the world and still continue to stay connected to your friends, family and colleagues.”

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