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23rd GST Council meet in Guwahati on November 9

Posted : 09 November 2017 02:30:54 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

23rd GST Council meet in Guwahati on November 9

The 23rd GST Council meeting is commencing at Guwahati between the 9th- 10th, November. FAITH, collectively, along with its member associations & cause partners - FHRAI, IHHA, IATO, HAI, ATOAI, ITTA, ADTOI, TAFI, TAAI, ICPB, AIRDA, is requesting the GST Council to further consider changes to GST laws & rates to making Indian tourism, travel, hospitality & mice industry more competitive to enable it to become a strategically economic activity for India. The headline recommendations to the 23rd GST Council meeting include:  


  1. IGST be made available for immovable properties for tourism accommodation such as for hotels, cruises, campsites & for restaurants
  2. Rationalise GST on restaurants at 12% from 18% without stopping the flow of Input Tax Credits. 
  3. Treat foreign exchange earnings in tourism services as exports
  4. 28% GST on hotels above ?7500 be rationalised to 18% & gradually lower in line with global rates. 
  5. An option to discharge under presumptive model maybe extended to travel agents, tour operators who are booking hotel accommodation/ any other tourism products/ tour packages.  Tour operator to tour operator GST to be made available as it was earlier in the service tax regime 
  6. Travel & Tours services outbound from India should not attract GST as they are in nontaxable territory: 
  7. Services similar to elephant rides, camel safaris, government monuments & such others be at 0% rating

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