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Bonjour India 2017 18 to focus on strengthening Indo French relationship

Posted : 27 November 2017 04:50:41 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Bonjour India 2017 18 to focus on strengthening Indo French relationship

Bonjour India, being organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institut Francais, is a festival to shape the next decade of people-to-people contacts between the two countries through various aspects of the society. The French Ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler announced its third edition at Sofitel BKC Mumbai. 

The four-month-long festival aims at bringing the artistic, linguistic, academic and scientific exchanges between the two countries into the limelight by conducting100 programmes and projects, and 300 events which will be held in 33 cities across 20 states and union territories. The Indo-French festival is organised around three pillars: Smart Citizen, High Mobility, Go Green. The organisers are giving special emphasis on Mumbai, therefore the city will witness 30 events in the span of 3 months.

While speaking on the occasion Ziegler said, “Bonjour India is much more than just a festival. It is an Indo-French movement showcasing all aspects of its society belonging to the field of art, music and cinema. There are new challenges emerging all across the world such as the smart city, environment, and both the countries are leading the way in many of these. These new challenges have opened new areas for collaboration and exchange, not only for political leaders or diplomats, but for all segments of our society.”

This edition will also focus on bringing more young entrepreneurs, small scale companies and French Tech to discover and engage business projects in India. 

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