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Celebrate Jamaican New Years’ in Caribbean!

Posted : 07 November 2017 02:53:20 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Celebrate Jamaican New Years’ in Caribbean!

For this last month of the year, Jamaica celebrates its people and Jamaican traditions with dynamic festivities.

When it comes to parties Jamaica does take the word, “PARADISE” seriously. The month begins with the “Portland Paradise Weekend” which is celebrated at various luxury properties in Jamaica. From 1st December to 3rd December, Portland will embrace the lifestyle and true treasures of this extraordinary Caribbean island’s culture.

In the middle of this epic weekend take your energy level a notch higher. Bring out the sportsmen spirit in you and run in the scenic paradise with Jamaica’s premier International Marathon, “Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K” on 02nd December, 2017 in Negril. Between the run, enjoy the foot tapping beats of Reggae music with the runners from all around the world.

Though Jamaica is ready for the December carnival, it will be incomplete without the sprinkling of Caribbean food and its delectable flavours. The biggest gastronomic festival of the Caribbean awaits you, “The second annual Milk River Seafood and Jerk Festival” on 17th December 2017 that will take you on a ride, full of unique dishes, delightful experience and delectable island flavours.

Extending the enthusiasm, the Jamaican entertainment calendar culminates with the New Year’s celebration, the “Harbour Fest”. There can be no cooler place to toast in a New Year than the Harbour Fest, an evening high on entertainment and maximum enjoyment for all. With the phenomenal fireworks display on the Down Town Harbour, Jamaica bids a goodbye to the year and kick- starts the real party.

Stimulate your senses and let the real Jamaica reveal itself through a colourful choice of activities, this coming December! Be There.






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