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FCM Travel Solutions to launch AI based Chatbot ‘SAM’

Posted : 29 September 2017 05:30:45 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

FCM Travel Solutions to launch AI based Chatbot ‘SAM’

FCM Travel Solutions, the Indian subsidiary of Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), Australia introduced the essential Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for Indian business travellers to manage their Business Travel. Phoenix, the online Self-Booking Tool by FCM for their corporate clientele gives users total control of their corporate travel programme, by delivering the travel content business travellers need. Although, Phoenix has been launched in India and is currently catering to majority of FCM’s clientele, SAM will be launched in 2018 in India for both iOS and Android. The AI based Chatbot called ‘SAM’ (Smart Assistant for Mobile) will be FCM's 24-hour travel assistant for corporate travellers which offers a blend of artificial intelligence with the expertise of a real FCM travel consultant. 

Rakshit Desai, Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions, Indian subsidiary of FCTG, Australia, said, “Digital Technology is the most underrated component of travel. While Artificial Intelligence based travel is still at inception stage; given its potential for time and cost savings, user data analysis and “standard customisation”, SBT + AI can be a disruptive tool for corporate travel management. With the ever-growing business travel, the millennial workforce wants to take charge of not just their leisure trips but work-related as well. With blurring lines between work and leisure, inducing Bleisure, we at FCM, want to bring in the bliss of hassle-free travel, irrespective of one travelling or at workplace.”

Jaideep Ghosh, Partner and Head, Transport, Leisure and Sports, KPMG in India, commented, “While the current adoption rate of SBT is sluggish at a mere 2% in India, it is primarily due to diverse travel management standards in India. At the same time, consumer-type preferences are creeping into business travel segment as well. Furthermore, the smartphone era is transitioning towards the conversation era, meaning the way consumers communicate with apps is moving to a message-based approach. In fact by 2020, we think consumers will start feeling app fatigue and text or voice-based interfaces will be the new norm for communicating with the web.”

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