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Local cuisine Can drive travel recovery

Posted : 28 May 2021 09:31:58 | By TWO Bureau | Anil Sharma

Local cuisine Can drive travel recovery

The founder of the World Food Travel Association thinks local food and culinary tourism can play a large role in helping destinations bounce back after COVID-19. Food and drink play an important role when travellers select a destination, with a full 53% of travellers choosing their destination based on the local food and drink. Leverage local cuisine and market it in order to draw travellers in and help jumpstart tourism recovery. 

National Geographic’s social media activity shows that 50% of their recent travel posts were linked to food & culinary.  Whatever may be the condition, this is human nature that we still love food, drink and travel. Now, this is exactly the time that destination marketing organizations should horn their skills and start promoting their own culinary cultures for those who are waiting to travel again. 

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