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Measures Undertaken To Modernize Rolling Stock, Tracks and Signaling

Posted : 12 March 2018 04:41:54 | By TWO Bureau | two bureau

Measures Undertaken To Modernize Rolling Stock, Tracks and Signaling

The measures undertaken to modernize the rolling stock, tracks and signaling are as under:

(i) Improvement in freight rolling stock design is a continuous activity where measures for improving the efficiency of transportation and higher throughput are being taken as a continuous process.


(ii) Track structure is upgraded at the time of track renewals. Heavier rail section (60kg) of high tensile strength (90 UTS) is being used during rail renewals. Long rail panels or welded rails are predominantly used during rail renewals. Fan shaped turnouts on concrete sleepers are being used. Decision has been taken to use thick web switches on heavy density routes along with weldable Case Manganese Steel (CMS) crossings. Ultrasonic testing of rails & welds is being done with the help of digital ultrasonic rail testing equipments.


(iii) A work for modernization of Signaling system over Indian Railway has been included in works programme 2018-19, subject to mandatory approvals of NITI Aayog and Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) etc.

With a view to increasing speed of trains in Indian Railways, “Mission Raftaar” has been announced in the Railway Budget 2016-17. The mission envisages a target of doubling of average speed of freight trains in next 5 years. Action Plan for improving mobility and increasing average speed of freight trains includes right powering of freight trains, introduction of twin-pipe in wagons, reduction in speed restrictions, construction of road over bridges (ROBs) and road under bridges (RUBs) etc.

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