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Oceania Cruises Introduces Innovative New Dining Options

Posted : 05 May 2018 11:23:56 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Oceania Cruises Introduces Innovative New Dining Options

Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line, is unveiling new dinner menus that are the most expansive and diverse at sea. The menus feature an incredible spectrum of world flavors as well as an all-new Executive Chef’s Food & Wine Pairing, available every evening and featuring the chef’s selection of exquisite dishes specifically curated for their complementary and contrasting flavors. Another stand-out attraction of the menus are the new “Global Cuisine” dishes each evening – these are bolder and more adventurous ethnic dishes – for the traveler with a spirit for spice.


“These spectacular new menus exemplify our commitment to culinary excellence and offering our guests not just the finest cuisine at sea, but diverse dining choices that surprise and delight the palate,” stated Bob Binder, President & CEO of Oceania Cruises.


The Ultimate in Dining Choice, Flexibility, and Customization at Sea


Each evening in the Grand Dining Room, guests will be treated to more than two dozen dishes to choose from – six appetizers, three soups, four salads, nine main courses, and nine side dishes. Every menu incorporates our acclaimed and imaginative vegetarian dishes along with our Canyon Ranch Balanced Selections that follow their mantra for indulgent, yet healthy living. All in all, the menus comprise more than 800 dishes.


Not only are there more choices, the new menus offer guests the ultimate in flexibility and customization. They may choose as many, or few courses as they wish along with their side dishes and all accompaniments which are ordered a la carte. Diners may just as easily comprise a meal of appetizers and side dishes as they may run the menu or order one of our paired tasting menus.


Hundreds of New Dishes Accompany Time-Honored Favorites


Travelers sailing for the first time with Oceania Cruises or the 50th, will delight at the diversity of selections with fresh and bold flavors, in addition to classic dishes that have been favorites ashore and at sea, for years or decades.


“The new Grand Dining Room dinner menus are truly the most creative and varied that you will find at sea. I’m so tremendously proud of our entire culinary team as every member had a hand in the crafting of these amazing creations,” stated Franck Garanger, Corporate Executive Chef for Oceania Cruises.


Scintillating new additions such as herb-crusted cornishhen diavolo, Palermo-style grilled swordfish, smoked ricotta risotto, and Paul Bocuse’s Alaskan halibut Viennoise, accompany time-honored favorites such as Jacques Pepin’s quartet of beef bourginon, salmon supreme, steak frittes, and herb-crusted rotisserie chicken. Other classics being reprised include involtini di melanzanealla parmigiana, traditional coq au vin, golden-friend wiener schnitzel, and dover sole meuniere.

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