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SRIJAN an idea competition for 635 Station Development on Indian Railways, has been launched at MyGov portal

Posted : 27 February 2018 01:03:04 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

SRIJAN an idea competition for 635 Station Development on Indian Railways, has been launched at MyGov portal

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) is taking up redevelopment of around 600 major Railway stations across the country. In this mega exercise, assistance and involvement of all stakeholders i.e. railway passengers, urban planners, architects, engineers is important. Towards this objective of stakeholders’ consultation, an idea competition for development of 635 stations on Indian Railways, ‘SRIJAN’ (Station Rejuvenation through Joint ActioN) has been launched at MyGov portal since 26.01.2018. The last date for submission of entries in this competition is 26.03.2018. The winners will get certificates and worthy ideas will be incorporated in the designs.


IRSDC has also launched competition through Mygov portal for IRSDC logo and tagline. The winner for logo competition will get cash prize of Rs 75,000/-and for tagline also will get Rs 75,000/-. The last date of submission of entries is 26.3.18.


IRSDC has carried out one round of empanelment and 11 firms have been empanelled in A, B and C category. However, for more number of architectural firms required to simultaneously work on all stations, hence second round of Request for Empanelment (RFE) is already called which will be a continuous exercise henceforth.


Further, for all professionals, an open invitation for developing concept and master plans for redevelopment of stations has been given at the website . The last date for submission for their interests for stations is now 09.03.18. An ‘Architect-Samvad’ has been planned to be held shortly in March’18 in which Minister of Railways shall also interact with architects to discuss strategy to take the program forward.


First round of International Design Competition for three stations i.e. Gwalior, Nagpur and Bayappanhalli has been completed and the second stage will be completed by 31.03.2018. After the same, Engineering Procurement Contract  (EPC) tenders for these stations will be called. For five stations, i.e. Chandigarh, Anand Vihar (Delhi), Secundrabad, Bangalore and Pune, tenders for Integrated Station Management through private parties has been called. Through these contracts, integrated management of stations will be done through private parties. Tenders for redevelopment of Chandigarh, Anand Vihar, Bijwasan and Surat stations are expected in March’18.

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