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Scrumptious Return of the 3rd Edition for the Abu Dhabi Food Festival from December 7 to 23

Posted : 24 November 2017 12:31:27 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Scrumptious Return of the 3rd Edition for the Abu Dhabi Food Festival from December 7 to 23

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has today announced the full line-up of activities, presented in partnership with event companies from the private sector including Festember, Truckers, Dining & Nightlife magazine and Zomato, taking place at the 2017 Abu Dhabi Food Festival. This year's festival, which starts on December 7th and runs until December 23rd, will include a fantastic menu of events for foodies, visitors and families from across the UAE and wider region to enjoy. Marking the festival's third edition, the event will feature the return of some all-time favourites as well as an array of international chefs and some new gastronomic experiences.


Spread over 17 days across Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain and Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi Food Festival will serve up more than 15 new feature events including 40 mule by Festember, Truckers Carnival, Beach Feast, Truckers Park, the Big Piknik, the Delicious Cinema, the Street Food Market, the Truckers Exit and the Top Secret Long Table, Food and Fashion, Caviar and Art, Longest Pizza in the UAE, Enrico & Friends, 2kg Burger Challenge, and a Market to Kitchen event. There will also be a number of activations from Zomato, the home-delivery service, including the Zomato Restaurant and Foodies Skillets, panel discussions on various topics, Zomato Abu Dhabi Restaurant Week, Zomato Influencer Tables, Zomato Treats and Gold Discounts, Zomato Dine In Treats Special, Zomato competitions andZomato Special Package Delivery.

Sultan Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director, Tourism Sector, Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, said: "We are proud to be at the forefront of national efforts aimed at elevating the Emirate’s profile as a leading gastronomic destination across the region. This edition will feature an extensive event calendar that highlights the diversity of our culinary delights and our avant-garde restaurant concepts. By collaborating with a wide range of government and private partners, we are able to position Abu Dhabi as a destination of distinction that attracts visitors from across the region who come to enjoy its unmatched offerings and exciting events."


The festival will see the return of popular events and activations as well as newly-introduced food platforms that appeal to every taste and palate.

1.   Truckers' Season

Three food truck concept events will be taking place across Abu Dhabi Food Festival this year. From Truckers Carnival (7th – 23rd December), Truckers Exit (1st – 23rd December) to Truckers Park ( 15- 5-16 December) all are ready to tantalize taste buds with a variety of exciting food concepts and an array of fun-filled activities. As the popularity of food trucks soars, visitors will be presented with a wide selection of cuisines in a casual, relaxing setting with live performances and shows on display.


2.   New Food Concepts

Abu Dhabi Food Festival 2017 is all about pushing boundaries and discovering new food concepts.  This year’s edition will feature five new food concepts including Beach Feast (8th – 9th December), Big Piknik (22-23 December), Delicious Cinema (22-23 December), Top Secret Long Table (8th December), Street Food Market (14th – 15th December) and Market to Kitchen (16th, 19th and 23rd December), all of which are strong, concept-driven initiatives ready to enthrall festival-goers.

3.   Zomato Delights

This year, Zomato will be hosting a series of events and activations to maximise its involvement with the food and beverage industry and the Abu Dhabi community during the festival. Zomato is conducting a series of events including Zomato Restaurant Skillet (17th December), Zomato Foodie Skillet (17th December), Zomato Abu Dhabi Restaurant Week (7th – 21st December), Zomato Influencer Tables, Zomato Treats and Gold Discounts (7th – 23rd December), Zomato Dine-In Treats Special (7th – 23rd December), Zomato competitions (7th – 23rd December) and Zomato Special Package Delivery.

4.   World Records and Delectable Challenges

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has its eyes set on breaking world records at this year’s Abu Dhabi Food Festival. Visitors are encouraged to join in the attempts to make history and break the current achievement held for the longest pizza in the UAE (19th December). They can also challenge others by attempting to finish off the 2KG Burger Challenge (12th and 19th December).

5.   Luxury Experiences

The Abu Dhabi Food Festival presents a set of luxury dining experiences, from the Food and Fashion event ( 9 December), Caviar and Art to the Michelin star dining with Enrico and Friends (7th December), this festival will provide visitors looking to treat themselves to a fancy dining experience with some of the world’s leading chefs and signature restaurants.

This Abu Dhabi Food Festival will also witness the return of some of the most cherished events including Street Fest (14th – 17th and 21st – 23rd December), Ripe Night Market (9th December) 40 Mule By Festember (13th – 17th December) and Sial Middle East (12th – 14th December).

Experience the ultimate celebration of culinary delights and join us for the performances and activations at the Abu Dhabi Food Festival taking place from December 7th to December 23rd. For more information, visit


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