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TUTC to launch luxury lodge Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa

Posted : 02 November 2017 04:15:31 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

TUTC to launch luxury lodge Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa

The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC), the luxury camping company is expanding its footprint with the launch of a rebranded luxury lodge, Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa, in Terai, Uttar Pradesh, India. TUTC Jaagir Lodge presently offers seven luxury suites and will soon open two luxury villas and four stilted villas. The lodge will be operational from December 19, 2017, to June 15, 2018. 

Talking about the new addition, Rajnish Sabharwal, COO, TUTC, said “We are very excited to unveil our new jungle lodge safari experience in Dudhwa. A beautiful colonial structure like Jaagir Lodge preserved deep in the forests of the Terai is a rare find and we thought it was a great opportunity to bring this hidden gem to the esteemed travelers seeking wildlife encounters in the comforts of luxury. With this, TUTC aims to enter the untapped luxury wilderness tourism space while we continue to acquaint travelers with new experiences and exceptional locations in India. TUTC’s Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa is infused with the same warmth and exceptional services as our other luxury camping properties.”


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Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the colonial structure built in the 1940’s is a gateway to India’s four distinct forests reserves - Dudhwa, Katarniaghat, Kishanpur and Pilibhit. Dudhwa Park, one of the few protected areas in the country, is inhabited by 38 species of mammals, 90 species of fish, and some 500 species of birds. The park is famous for tiger spotting and also home to half of the world’s 4,000 swamp deer, Indian crocodile, wild elephants and one of the best places in the world for seeing the gharial in its natural habitat. 


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