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Data can and should drive policies on restarting global travel: Willie Walsh

Posted : 03 June 2021 06:24:50 | By TWO Bureau | Bureau Cheif

Data can and should drive policies on restarting global travel:  Willie Walsh

The International AirTransport Association (IATA) urged governments to make data-driven decisions tomanage the risks of COVID-19 when reopening borders to international travel.Strategies without quarantine measures can enable international travel to restartwith a low risk of introduction of COVID-19 to the travel destination. 

“Data can and should drive policies on restartingglobal travel that manage COVID-19 risks to protect populations, revivelivelihoods and boost economies. We call on the G7 governments meeting laterthis month to agree on the use of data to safely plan and coordinate the returnof the freedom to travel which is so important to people, livelihoods andbusinesses,” said Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General.

IATA teamed-up with Airbus andBoeing to demonstrate potential methodologies to manage the risks of COVID-19to keep populations safe while restarting global connectivity. Aviation,including manufacturers, effectively manages and mitigates risk every day tokeep air travel safe. Using these skills, Airbus and Boeing have developeddata-driven risk-management models to understand the impact of various options. 

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