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Ehiopian Tourism Forum

Posted : 20 March 2021 11:58:07 | By TWO Bureau | Two Bureau

Ehiopian Tourism Forum

Ehiopian Tourism Forum

Speaking on an event organised by the Ethiopian culture centre and the Stic Group of Companies for the travel trade. Dr Tizita Mulugeta, Ambassador of           Ethiopia to India Expressing her dismay for the lack of awareness about Ethiopian tourism destinations despite the national carrier, Ethiopian, flying to India for almost 35 years.  Dr Mulugeta said that “the country is endowed with  unparalleled natural beauty and rich   cultural heritage. With 9 UNESCO World heritage sites,     Ethiopia - the gateway to Africa ranks on top in terms of world heritage sites in Africa. The visitors can choose from any of the five thematic routes as per their convenience and  interests”, she added.

She was also of the opinion that there should be a tourism representative office in India to take care of the steady promotions and publicity activities for the India market.

Demesew Kebede Tekle, The Minister - Embassy of Ethiopia to India, gave presentation of the destination.

Mr Subhash Goyal, Chairman STIC Travel Group said, “ As GSA our job is to fill up the airline, in fact, we have also promoted Ethiopia as a wonderful transit point. We always support any activity taken by embassy or anyone to promote Ethiopian tourism and culture. 

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