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Travel trade votes for South Africa as the Best Adventure Destination at 2017 East India Travel Awards.

Posted : 29 July 2017 12:01:46 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Travel trade votes for South Africa as the Best Adventure Destination at 2017 East India Travel Awards.

Most famous for its wildlife-driven holidays, South Africa’s adventure holiday capabilities have received a vote of confidence from the Indian travel trade “This award is especially heartening for us because it tells us about how South Africa is viewed by its sellers – its ambassadors in essence.


We’re established worldwide and in India as a wildlife destination but we’ve spent much of 2016 strengthening our positioning as one of the world’s adventure capitals and an adventure award from the trade tells us we’ve arrived” Hanneli Slabber, Country Manager, South African Tourism India Office said, commenting on their win.


South Africa boasts more than 300 adventure activities across 3000 adventure operators including the world’s highest bungee (among other bungee options for those who are looking for variety/ subsequent bungee experiences), shark-cage diving, big swing options, zip lining amidst beautiful scenery, kayaking and sky-diving. For those who have tried nearly every adrenaline high, there are less commonplace options such as abseiling, surfing, sand boarding and stand-up-kayaking. For off-road lovers there’s off-road driving courses and lots of challenging terrain to explore.


The East India Travel Awards are part of the India Travel Awards, also hosted in North, West and South India. The awardees are selected by a unique system of jury judgment and voting – where members of the travel industry are encouraged to vote for nominated destinations.


Besides the large choice and widespread availability of adventurous activities in all South Africa’s tourism destinations, value-for-money and safety are expected to have contributed to South Africa’s win as Best Adventure Destination.


Safety is of paramount importance in South Africa with the country’s own residents being the highest consumers of adventure. Indian travelers, often on family holidays or honeymoons, find this to be a primary consideration. Moreover, despite considerable investments in safety, South Africa (according to a listicle in The Guardian that compared bungee jumping costs across the world) offers incredible value-for-money for these bucket-list activities. This of course, also adds to popularity on a cost-sensitive market.


SA Tourism India is targeting over 104,000 travellers during 2017 and bucket-list type activities are second only to wildlife as keydestination USPs promoted by the tourism board and travel agents to Indian travelers. Research among holiday-makers also indicates that adventure is one of the key experiences that Indian travelers seek when they decide to go to South Africa.


“It has helped us capture the under 35 (years old) market and also also strengthened our positioning in the family holidays market. This is because South Africa doesn’t bar children from adventure activities simply on account of age. If technical requirements (height/ weight/ experience/ judgement or some such) make it logistically impossible for a child to undertake an activity, then it is fair to disallow them but in all other cases we allow them to sky-dive, bungee jump and dive with sharks or crocodiles with the protection of a cage. India, which is a family-oriented travel market, sees great value in this factor.” Slabber concludes.

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