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New Orleans Jazz Festival

Date : 21 July 2016 - 24 July 2016 | Location : Innsbruck market square

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New Orleans Jazz Festival

New Orleans Jazz Festival
21 – 24 July 2016

In addition to being the cradle of jazz music, New Orleans is also one of Innsbruck’s partner cities for more than 40 years. One of the most fun characteristics of this alliance is the annual New Orleans Jazz Festival, bringing to Innsbruck the mellow summer feeling of the vibrant Mississippi Delta metropolis.
Just like every year, people will be gathering in droves at the Innsbruck market square and several other downtown locations to groove to the infectious rhythm of the deep American South. Exuberant live performances by the stars of today’s New Orleans music scene are going to express the city’s current sound based on New Orleans jazz, rhythm & blues and zydeco, reminding of such outstanding musicians as Louis Armstrong, Sydney Bechet, Fats Domino and Mahalia Jackson. The lively performances are known to turn into proper jam sessions with members of different bands merging happily into new formations – a fact that is not only much appreciated by the audience but also conducive to a truly harmonious city partnership.

Tickets: Free
Location: Innsbruck market square

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