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BookMyForex ventures into travel insurance; to offer varied plans for different customer needs

Posted : 19 May 2017 03:30:35 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

BookMyForex ventures into travel insurance; to offer varied plans for different customer needs

It is not a pleasant experience to describe lost luggage and delayed flights to expectant relatives waiting to hear stories of your first trip abroad. BookMyForex, the world’s largest marketplace for retail foreign exchange and private remittances, now ensures that travelers do not have to go through such ordeals. Its latest offering includes travel insurance plans that cater to a wide range of customers with different demographic profiles, purpose of travel etc. With the roll-out of this service, BookMyForex further strengthens its stance as the one-stop destination meeting a wide spectrum of needs for those travelling abroad.


Mr. Sudarshan Motwani, CEO & Co-founder, BookMyForex said “Travel insurance is an extremely important aspect of planning a trip, which, unfortunately, often gets neglected as travelers are not fully aware of its numerous benefits. Travelers should choose a travel insurance plan that suits their interests well. At BookMyForex, apart from foreign exchange available at the best rates, travelers would be facilitated with an assortment of travel insurance plans which cover a wide gamut of parameters. Through our customized products catering to different individuals’ needs and preferences, we provide the most impeccable travel insurance
plans so that you remain calm and enjoy your travel worry-free while we remain on the lookout for your well-being.”


Travelers have often been heard saying that travel insurance is an unnecessary expenditure. The reasons can be many, from ‘I trust this airline’ to ‘I have everything planned’. But the fact remains that there are many variable factors at play while travelling, which greatly enhance the chances of an unforeseen incident. Whether on vacation or travelling for a specific purpose, travel insurance ensures that you have a smooth, glitch-free journey. BookMyForex as an IRDA authorized agent offers two types of travel insurance plans-Travel Prime Coverage and Travel Elite, which have the following features -


Travel Prime Coverage Plans-

1. Travel Prime Superage-For travelers in the age band of 71-90+ years, this comprehensive plan includes expense borne due to travel delays, hijacks to emergency cash benefits. Losses of up to USD 50,000 can be covered through this plans.


Furthermore, plans such as Travel Prime Age, provide insurance benefits to those people within the age bracket of 61-70 years. It further has 5 categories-Silver (USD 50,000), Gold (USD 200,000), Platinum (USD 500,000), Super Platinum (USD 700,000) and Maximum (USD 10,00,000).

Corporate multi-trip policy involves complete medical and health cover provided to the international business traveller, with 5 categories such as Lite (USD 250,000), Plus (USD 500,000), Maximum(USD 10,00,000), Age Lite ( age band 61-70, USD 50,000), and Age Plus (Age band 61-70 years, USD 200,000).

The Family Policy covers the entire family (self and spouse-above 60 with two children below 21) and comes in two propositions- Standard (USD 50,000) and Silver (USD 100,000).

Student Policy is customized for students travelling abroad for studies. It caters to the medical and other fundamental necessities that a student might face while studying abroad. Based on premium sum insured and certain other criteria, there are six options to choose from under this student travel insurance plan – Silver (USD 100,000), Gold (USD 200,000), Platinum(USD 300,000), Super Gold (USD 500,000), Super Platinum (USD 750,000) and Maximum(USD 1 million).


2. Similarly, the other product offering is named Travel Elite plan which comes with three categories Travel Elite Silver, Travel Elite Gold and Travel Elite Platinum and caters to all age groups, corporate and family parties etc.


Air travel has become much more affordable these days and with the numerous cost-saving holiday plans on offer, travelling abroad has become much easier. Correspondingly, travel related risks such as loss of baggage, emergency landings due to bad weather or hijacks- considering the volatile worldwide political situation today-have also increased. BookMyForex is doing its bit to keep travellers financially secure so that they can enjoy their vacation hassle-free and not end up losing a few thousand rupees only because they wanted to save a few hundred.

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