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Drunk Indonesian pilot got fired by Citilink Airlines.

Posted : 03 January 2017 04:47:20 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Drunk Indonesian pilot got fired by Citilink Airlines.

The pilot slurred his words during an in-flight announcement prior to the departure of the Surabaya-Jakarta flight on 28 December. Several passengers were alarmed and decided to disembark the aircraft.


And while Citilink did not specify drunkenness as the cause of the pilot’s dismissal, it has confirmed that man has now been relieved of his duties.


“Based on the investigation and reports received, the management of Citilink decided to take firm action against the pilot by severing work relations with him,” the Antara news agency reported Citilink’s president director, Albert Burhan, as saying. “There are three fundamental points that he violated, including the employment law, company regulations, and the human resources policy of Citilink,” he added.


The pilot was removed from the flight and replaced with another caption prior to take-off, delaying departure for more than an hour.

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