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The investigation indicates the same reason for both crashed - Pressure on Boeing

Posted : 31 March 2019 08:49:16 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

The investigation indicates the same reason for both crashed - Pressure on Boeing

Within five months two crashes of Lion and  Ethiopian airline and recently emergency landing of southwest airline plane all Boeing 737 max have put a question mark on the safety of Boeing.

These incidents have dented the image of Boeing and put a big question mark on the safety and how they get certification of MCAS without a backing plan. In case sensors produce contradictory readings the system should alert the pilot and they can take over the control manually.

The new connections between the two crashes point to a potential systemic problem with the aircraft, adding to the pressure on Boeing. The company already faces scrutiny for its role in the design and certification of the plane.

After examining the “black box” recorders from a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, investigators believe the crashed was caused due to a malfunctioning sensor that automated anti-stall flight-control feature, called MCAS, to take over, wresting control from the plane’s pilots. MCAS automatically points the plane’s nose down to stop it stalling, which is an important safety feature, but when it glitches, it can produce deadly results.

The investigation indicates the same reason for both crashed flights of Lion air in Indonesia and Ethiopian airline killing all persons on board.  

The crash investigation in Ethiopia and in the US suggest an automatic anti-stall system was activated at the time of the disaster. Soon after take-off - and just 450ft (137m) above the ground - the aircraft's nose began to pitch down.

One pilot, according to reports, One pilot said to the other "pitch up, pitch up!" before their radio died.

The plane crashed only six minutes into its flight.


Boeing has redesigned the software so that it will disable MCAS if it receives conflicting data from its sensors. the upgrade must be approved by regulators, whose role has itself come under scrutiny for allegedly “doing safety on the cheap,” as Senator Richard Blumenthal put it.




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