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English Guided Tours of Joseph Bau House, The Story of Artist And Co-Worker of Oscar Schindler

Posted : 11 August 2016 11:40:23 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

English Guided Tours of Joseph Bau House, The Story of Artist And Co-Worker of Oscar Schindler


Tucked away on a little street in the center of Tel Aviv, the "Joseph Bau House” is a small museum and an authentic artist workshop that portrays the life story of Joseph Bau. Joseph Bau and his wife Rebecca are the original couple whose wedding is shown in the movie "Schindler´s List”. Only after his death it was revealed that he worked in the Mossad as a graphic artist who forged documents for Israeli spies, including Eli Cohen.

As a youngster Joseph Bau showed artistic talent, and in 1938, he began his studies at the University of Plastic Arts in Krakow.  His studies were interrupted by the outbreak of World War II.  During the war, he spent five years in the ghetto and concentration camps, first in Krakow Ghetto, later in Plaszow Concentration Camp, then Gross Rosen Camp, and finally he was interned in Brinlitz - the camp run by industrialist Oscar Schindler.  During this time, Bau saved his own life by working as a draftsman and by making signs for the Germans in Gothic letters.  He used his artistic talents to save hundreds of Jews by forging documents for them, allowing them to escape from the ghetto and concentration camps.

Joseph Bau immigrated to Israel in 1950 with a dream to make animated movies in the Holy Land. Today his study, where he worked for 40 years, has been turned into a museum displaying his original equipment, and reflects  his wide range of creativity including access to his movies, animation, paintings, graphics, literature and research of the Hebrew language.

Entrance to the museum must be arranged in advance and guided tours of the little museum and fascinating stories of Joseph Bau himself are given in Hebrew, English and Polish by his two daughters.

The museum is a recipient of the TripAdvisor 2016 Certificate of Excellence.

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