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Million migrants reach Europe

Posted : 29 December 2015 10:55:06 | By TWO Bureau | un

Million migrants reach Europe

Un  International Organization for Migration (IOM) says, More than one million migrants and refugees reached Europe in 2015 with  970,000 who made this difficult journey across the border. Almost half Syrians were a part of this journey. Syrians face a cruel civil war, it’s the reason they are migrating to Europe.


According to International Organization for Migration, A total of 3,692 migrants died or disappeared crossing the Mediterranean sea this year.


Greece was by far the leading landing spot for migrants to Europe this year, with 821,008 arrivals, including 816,752 by sea. At certain points over the last 12 months upwards of 5,000 people were landing in the Greek islands each day.


The UN has previously said it sees no let up in the coming months and that the number of migrants who reach Europe in 2016 could exceed the 2015 figures, especially if relentless violence in Syria persists.


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