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Colombian Film Week Opens Successfully

Posted : 27 April 2017 03:41:12 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

Colombian Film Week Opens Successfully

The Colombian Film Week, led by the Consulate of Colombia in Guayaquil, received a great reception on his first day. Despite the big storm Guayaquil lived on the afternoon of 25, more than 200 people of different nationalities were present. The Film Days will run until Friday 28 April at 18:30 with free admission and special touches for attendees.


Among the guests present at the Cinematheque of the House of Ecuadorian Culture Core Guayas, personalities like Lcda highlighted. Rosa Amelia Alvarado, President of Headquarters, writers Karina Gálvez and Jorge Velasco Mackenzie, actor Ernesto Huertas (Tiko Tiko), film critic and director of the Cinematheque Jorge Suarez, and filmmaker Johnny Obando, director of the International Festival film Guayaquil, among other greats of culture and cinema.


Opening with "The Serpent 's Embrace" by Ciro Guerra received many plaudits and kept the captive audience for two hours. Jorge Suarez, film critic and only Ecuadorian guest for 49 years at the Academy Awards said : "In all my years of experience, few are as special and interesting projections like this. It was a magical night, where you can create a look into our origins, to our imagination and paint colors production in black and white. "


There remain three days and three major projections: "Chasing Fireflies" Director Roberto Flores Prieto, "La Sirga" Director William Vega, and "Land and Shade" Director César Acevedo.


This has been a great opportunity for lovers of the 7th art and Latin American production, four films, projected 25 to 28 that are allowing hundreds of Colombian-Ecuadorian families and a lot of friends from multiple sources can zoom in and learn more recent Colombian film.

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