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..PATA Opposes USA Travel Ban..

Posted : 02 February 2017 03:16:52 | By TWO Bureau | New Delhi

..PATA Opposes USA Travel Ban..

The Pacific Asia Travel Association has reiterated its commitment to the right to travel as stated in Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The association recognises that each country has the responsibility to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. However, PATA is fundamentally opposed to any form of blanket travel ban based upon nationality, gender, race or religion.


Mario Hardy, Chief Executive, PATA said, “Safety is the number one priority for the travel and tourism industry and this may only be addressed effectively through the concerted efforts of the world’s governments and international community working together. The travel and tourism industry accounts for nearly ten per cent of worldwide GDP. It is an industry that provides vital income and employment to local communities worldwide whilst creating a pathway towards understanding and empathy across borders and cultures.”


Hardy further added, “The recent Executive Order in the USA goes against the principles of this idea. In the end, the actions in the USA may tarnish the image of the country and risks impacting its tourism arrivals. The lack of clarity around the implications of this Executive Order has created chaos in airports and is affecting travel businesses such as airlines, tour operators, hotels and travel agencies around the world.”


PATA has been advocating improved visa facilitation for some time and last year praised the Republic of Indonesia for its vision in easing access to the nation’s many attractions for tourists from 169 countries.


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