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Indonesia participates at Satte 2016

Posted : 30 January 2016 02:33:09 | By TWO Bureau | Delhi

Indonesia participates at Satte 2016

Indonesia is gearing up to lure more international tourist by participation at south Asia tourism and Travel Expo (SATTE)  at the pragti maidan  Exhibition Complex , new Delhi , India 29-31 January.

Indonesia pavilion number is hall 11 # C203 which consist 16 Indonesian sellers (hoteliers) and travel Agents. India is the ninth major market for Indonesia. Expected by 2016, India Tourists to Indonesia amounted to 280.000.


The public of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, comprising more than 13,000 tropical Isaland frigned with whithe sandy beaches. Among the most well- know island are Bali(paradise island) , java Kalimantan ( formerly Borneo) ,papua , Sulawesi(Formely Celebes), Sumatra, and the Maluku Island  or better known as mouluccas , the original spice Island.



The destination offer richly divers cultures and Heritage, beautiful beaches and eco tourism along with green rainforests to trek through and deep blue pristine seas to drive and swim, and the warmest,  most hospitable people on the earth to welcome tourists and visitors.



To attract a tourists and visitors to visit Indonesia , we have several  strategic promotions such as Branding, Advertising and selling. We also granted Free Visa extended to 90 Countries by presidential degree no. 104, 2015 include India.  



To tap international  tourist  for 12 millions 2016, Indonesia , government encourage 3 Greaters such as Great Bali , Great Jakarta and GREAt Batam. Great Bali consists of destination: Surabaya, Banyuwangi,  Bali,Lombok and komodo Island. Great Jakarta consists of destination : Jakarta, Bandung,Puncak,Banten. Great , and Bantam consists of destionations: batam, Binatan and Riau Archipelago.Indoneshia is the Warm and smiling  people , we have $ religions as, Muslim, Christan, Buddiesand Hindu.



Indonesia is Value for money relatively Cheap compare to other place.Indonesia is Big country consist more than 240 malls in Indomesia  has 150 Intrantional  Golf Course.



Indonesia competitiveness’ in World  Rank from 70 in 2013 to 50 in 2015 ( based on World Tourism Organization / W T O)


Recently, Indonesia win 3 awards in World Halal Travel Award 2015 Held in United Arab Emirates. Two awards goes to Lombok as World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination and World’s Best Halal Honeymoon Destination. One award goes to  So Fyan Hotel as Best Family friendly hotel.


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