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Air India and Vistara merger: CAPA India perspective

Posted : 30 November 2022 10:00:24 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Air India and Vistara merger: CAPA India perspective

The merger between Air India and Vistara will help Air India to emerge as a global network carrier in terms of scale and standards of service, believes CAPA.

India needs a high quality, dependable long-haul and ultra-long-haul airline to meet the country’s air connectivity requirements. The combined entity is in line with India’s aspirations to be a $5 trillion economy.

The combination of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines will provide Air India with the requisite strategic expertise, industry capabilities, access to capital and determination to create an airline that India will be proud of.

The competitive dynamics in India are moving towards a two-pillar system around the Air India Group and IndiGO. The two carriers are in due course expected to achieve a domestic market share of 75-80%.

In the international market, they are expected to grow from 37.8% in 2QFY2023 to 50%. This will redraw market and consumer power in the international arena back to Indian carriers.

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