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Air India takes learning to new heights with Gurukul.AI launch

Posted : 01 June 2023 12:21:46 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Air India takes learning to new heights with Gurukul.AI launch

To enrich the learning experience of its employees, Air India, India’s leading airline and a Star Alliance member, has launched an innovative learning hub - Gurukul.AI. Gurukul.AI has been created in sync with Vihaan.AI, the airline’s five-year transformation programme, and will transform Air India into an organization that evolves through continuous learning.

In sync with the emerging needs of today’s technologically driven and fast-paced professional landscape, Gurukul.AI is designed to create personalized upskilling paths for every employee through an assessment of their job roles, current competencies, and proficiencies. The platform integrates competency frameworks mapped to various roles within the organization and ensures accessibility to relevant modules.

Dr Suresh Tripathi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Air India, said, “The introduction of Gurukul.AI exemplifies Air India’s dedication to cultivating a futuristic-learning experience, attuned to the unique needs of every single employee. In a rapidly changing world, the speed of upskilling and the availability of world-class learning content through digital innovations is imperative. Through this business-driven strategy, we are resolute in transforming Air India into an authentic learning organization.”

By emphasizing relevant skills in the current world and augmenting them with extensive organizational experience and sharper capabilities, Gurukul.AI is set to create a powerful impact that drives success and effectiveness.

World-class capabilities: The primary focus of Gurukul.AI is to cultivate state-of-the-art, world-class capabilities within Air India, enhancing employee productivity and skill sets to exemplify global standards. 

Bringing learning to the fingertips: With this learning hub, Air India has made a wealth of knowledge readily accessible to its employees. The platform is created to motivate employees to continuously enhance their skills, cultivating a culture of "Own your Growth’ through self-paced upskilling options.

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