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First charter flight from Russia heralds start of tourism season

Posted : 03 October 2023 05:15:06 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

First charter flight from Russia heralds start of tourism season

Heralding the commencement of tourism season in Goa, the first charter flight landed at Dabolim airport at 5:30 am on Sunday. Aeroflot SU236 arrived from Moscow with 240 passengers.

As per a news articles published in Herald Goa, Concord Exotic Voyages (I) Pvt Ltd which brought the charter flight arranged for translators to help the travellers and besides having representatives to aid those in need also arranged for coaches to transport the guests to the different places they were booked to live at.

Concord vice president Sheik Ismail said the arrival of the charter flight has filled tourism stakeholders with enthusiasm and added that the tourists were living in different places in North as well as South Goa.

Pointing out that Concord has over 40 years experience of handling tourists all over India, Ismail said that they have been handling all the Russians coming to Goa.

“Our rich experience is responsible for us succeeding in getting tourists from Russia to Goa despite the ongoing war in which Russia is involved,” he said.

Disclosing that his company is aligned with Biblio Globus, the biggest tourism players in Russia, Sheik said they would be bringing around 1000 international tourists every week through six to eight charters.

He also disclosed that from November his company will bring tourists from Kazakhstan and later from Uzbekistan to Goa thus indicating that the tourist season is set to see a boom this year.

He said he spent over 10 days in Russia to make sure that Goa was included in the limited destinations that country had this year in view of the ongoing war.

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