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Qantas pioneers green frequent flyer initiative

Posted : 01 December 2021 08:33:10 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Qantas pioneers green frequent flyer initiative

Members of Qantas Frequent Flyers will now be rewarded for making environmentally friendly decisions both at home as well as on the air.

The airline’s 13 million frequent fliers will soon be rewarded for anything from offsetting their trips, staying in eco-friendly hotels, walking to work, and installing solar panels at home, as part of a new green tier that will be rolled out next year.

Each year, members will be required to participate in at least five sustainable activities in six different categories: flying, travel and lifestyle, sustainable buying, decreasing environmental effects, and charitable giving.

“Climate change is a worry for our customers, and it is for us as well. A lot of action is being taken by our airline to reduce our emissions, and that means we have the framework to assist our passengers in reducing their own carbon footprint,” the airline said.

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