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Shillong becomes 8th destination in the Northeast to be serviced by flybig

Posted : 05 May 2022 05:17:22 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Shillong becomes 8th destination in the Northeast to be serviced by flybig

flybig, India's newest airline, has been on a rapid expansion mode ever since its flight operations began in January 2021. On 2nd May 2022 Shillong became the 8th destination for flybig in the North East of India after 4 cities in Assam, 2 cities in Arunachal Pradesh and 1 city in Tripura.

flybig newest route, opens up several vistas of opportunities for people across demographic and socio-economic segments including potential for students who study in Delhi NCR and neighboring regions or working professionals especially (Government personnel) who are stationed in Delhi but whose home state is Meghalaya or any neighboring state or area. Similarly, quicker air travel times of air vs Rail and Road travel (which was earlier the preferred mode of transport to travel between Delhi and Shillong) coupled with greater frequency of access provided by the Shillong-Delhi bi-weekly flight is likely to increase the potential for both movement of people and goods.

Further, with the introduction of this route it deepens the market access between metropolitan air hubs such as Delhi, Kolkata and the North east. In terms of time and resources saved, the flybig operation would end up saving more than 600,000 man-hours in comparison to rail travel and nearly 90,000 man-hours saved when compared to other air carriers.

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